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We’re passionate about using only the best ingredients that are as health-conscious and environmentally responsible as they are effective. Young Living products will never contain:

• Formaldehyde • Artificial dyes • Petroleum • Mineral oil • Sulfates • Parabens
Our rigorous research and testing are how we provide you with pristine and powerful essential oils, clean whole-home solutions, and the research to back up their unmatched benefits.

Science in the Field

Farming aromatic plants may be an ancient tradition, but it’s a tradition we continuously innovate to give back to the planet through regenerative agriculture, strengthen our plants, enrich the soil, and ensure maximum yields of premium essential oil with minimal environmental impact. Our farmers double as scientists, continuously testing soil composition and nutrition, innovating regenerative agricultural approaches, exhaustively documenting the health and quality of our plants, and running lab tests to ensure all essential oils meet our exacting specifications.

Science in the Lab

Quality starts in the field, but it’s proven in the lab—to be exact, seven in-house labs and labs on site at many of our global corporate-owned distilleries. Every batch of our essential oil undergoes numerous rounds of advanced quality and efficacy testing by our dozens of highly trained scientists, equipped with millions of dollars of advanced analysis equipment. Not only does this team of experts ensure the authenticity of every drop of essential oil, but they are continuously developing new essential oil-infused, straight-from-nature solutions for your home and family.

Clinical Research

Our growing body of product research papers and essential oil clinical studies is designed to support what you may already know: Young Living products are powerful and effective. Conducted by highly trained research scientists at respected independent organizations, these studies suggest exciting, groundbreaking new benefits for our premium products while backing up product claims you can rely on with confidence and share proudly.

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Young Living has 20 farms that stand apart in the essential oils industry and embody Seed to Seal® standards for conservation, regenerative agriculture, reforestation, distillation, and testing of our powerful, pristine essential oils. That’s why our essential oil farms play such an integral role in Seed to Seal®, our signature commitment to providing authentic essential oils to homes across the world. We’ve invested unprecedented time and resources to prioritize rigorous, industry-defining quality standards at each of our farms, because your family deserves the very best nature has to offer in every drop of essential oil.

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